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Can Malaysia face the perfect storm?

The world is in serious turbulence, and unless Malaysia is an oasis of peace marked by good political stability, the country will face more whip lash effects.

Maszlee: Bringing back university autonomy with academia integrity

"We are committed to bringing back university autonomy as well as to ensure the integrity of academia."

RON97 down 19 sen

RON97 will be 19 sen cheaper at RM2.60 per liter while RON95 and diesel remain unchanged.

Building a clean and professional police force

Admitting the problem is only the first step. The authorities must decisively adopt various solutions to address the many problems within the police force in building a clean and professional enforcement team.

Muhyiddin: country needs Mahathir

Muhyiddin says the country needs Mahathir's leadership to reverse the mistakes committed by the previous BN administration.

HK leader should resign: Mahathir

Mahathir says Hong Kong's embattled chief executive Carrie Lam should resign in view of the ongoing anti-China protests in the territory.

The grumbling of Foodpanda deliverymen

The government doesn't seem to know what to do with serious economic problems faced by the country as well as escalating racial and religious conflicts, and has opted to go for minor things as if they are serious issues that need to be handled right away.

The bitter pill

We cannot afford inaction or oversight now to repeat the same mistake for another generation of Malaysians.

Chinese voters in Tanjung Piai reject Umno-PAS alliance

Chinese voters in Tanjung Piai are strongly resistant to Umno contesting in the upcoming by-election because of the party's alliance with PAS.

Depoliticize education and recognize UEC now

It is necessary for the government to speed up the recognition of UEC and not to defer it any further.


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