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None from Amanah, only 1 PPBM MP at UEC dialogue

No Amanah MPs are at the UEC dialogue, with Mustapa Mohamed PPBM's only rep, meaning majority of the MPs present are from DAP and Keadilan, mostly backbenchers.

Inspiration from two young men

Abdul Rahim has left an indelible blemish in UM's history, as he has shamed both the university and his country.

A very undignified VC lodges a police report against student

If Abdul Rahim will not resign with dignity, will he be sacked as he has brought the good name of UM into disrepute?

Marginalised and misunderstood: Orang Asli education inequality persists

Orang Asli continue to be neglected and face lack of access to quality social services, economic and social marginalisation and poverty

Sowing the seed of reading through story-telling

Rainforest Picture Book Society has since 2014 organised story-telling field trips to rural areas to promote reading habit among rural students and their parents.

Controversy over the use of Sosma

There are other laws which the police can use to launch an arrest operation to ensure that human rights are protected and transparency manifested, while fighting terrorism.

Recognising the UEC: Sabah now, the entire country next?

Chairman of the UEC task force says decisions of state governments will not influence decisions and findings of the task force.

Malays should inspect and revisit real dignity

The Malays should be encouraged to work hard to lift their own ethnicity, keep abreast with the latest developments of our rapidly changing world and build up their confidence to win the respect of the world, and hence their dignity.

A Budget unlike its predecessors

Budget 2020 is different from the previous ones in that there is a determined shift from conventional business to tech-heavy sector, from focusing on development to sharing of prosperity, and from austerity-driven to expansionary.

Totally hopeless now?

The nonsense uttered by our politicians and happily echoed by the black sheep in the academia serves to remind us that as co-authors of the Malaysian destiny, we cannot afford to become pessimistic, less so despair.


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