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The case for abolition of the death penalty

The journey to abolition is sometimes long and difficult, but each step counts. The removal of the mandatory application of the death penalty in Malaysia would be a significant step along this road.

North Korea's SLBM test launch

On October 2, North Korea conducted a test launch of its new Pukguksong-3 submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), which landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

What has the Malay Dignity Congress achieved?

What has the Malay Dignity Congress achieved? Well, for one, it has succeeded in hurting the non-Malays. If it meant to cement Malay unity, it didn't manage to do that.

Who robbed our country?

The one and only country we have, our Malaysian Dream, has been robbed.

Lenggong Permaculture Farmstay: A study in sustainable living, grit and determination

For those who have had issues with the authorities before, Amy's eviction is an all too common story, where decent, upright citizens are treated shabbily and with little consideration.

Tun M, redeemer of Malay dignity

On that historic day, the Malay Dignity Congress has, through the mouth of Tun Mahathir, returned the dignity of "Malaysian" Malays and crushed that of "racist" Malays.

A deep sense of despair

Now I know the most difficult part is not to change a government, but the mentality of the people and nation.

Mahathir “no” to new “Malay-Muslim” government

Mahathir says the PH government is not interested in forming a new “Malay-Muslim” government with opposition parties.

Don't make vernacular schools the scapegoat

Vernacular education will not undermine national unity nor the dignity of any ethnicity, and its existence should therefore not be questioned or become a scapegoat of any party.

People are angry around the globe

People across the globe are angry and revolting. They want to express their frustrations and discontents. They want a change and very often it is not merely about political and social change but state behavior towards their demands.


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