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Brexit: How the press is voting

The Guardian is a staunch "Remain" supporter, while The Sun has come out for Brexit. Britain's newspapers are split as Thursday's referendum on European Union membership approaches.

With huge London footprint, US banks gird for Brexit vote

Two days before Britain's referendum on breaking with the European Union, the largest US banks are preparing for a catastrophic scenario that could cost them billions of dollars.

Which way forward? Europe divided on post-Brexit path

Europeans will have to struggle to drag the EU out of the doldrums after Britain's vote Thursday, with a public hostile to further integration while Berlin and Paris are at odds over the way forward.

Brexit race tight as murder upends campaign

Britain's referendum on European Union membership could go either way, polls indicated Tuesday, after a day of tearful tributes to slain lawmaker Jo Cox whose brutal murder has overshadowed the campaign.

Cornish pasties: the tastiest victims of a Brexit?

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(United Kingdom, Camborne-AFP) -- A favourite of 19th century miners who took them down the pit and a popular lunch to this day, the Cornish pasty and other delicacies with EU protected status could be threatened if Britain leaves the bloc. An AFPTV report. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2016.

Britain's rival EU camps battle into final stretch

Rival camps vied to seize momentum Monday for the final stretch before Britain's referendum on European Union membership, after the shock killing of a lawmaker halted the campaign.

Britain's EU referendum: Too close to call

The only thing everyone seems to agree on is that the result of Britain's EU referendum could be a close one.

Brexit and Britain's identity crisis

First Scottish independence, now the EU: holding two potentially seismic referendums in two years reveals how Britain is wrestling with its identity, stuck between nostalgia for an empire lost and an uncertain future.

GBP to hit parity with USD if UK exits EU: economist

The value of the British pound could hit parity with the US dollar this year if the United Kingdom (UK) withdraws from the European Union (EU), says IQI Chief Economist Shan Saeed.

Norway's 'out-but-in', a model for Brexit?

The small Norwegian company Nordox has prospered in Oslo for 50 years, but it now stands to lose 15 percent of its sales due to an EU deal being hammered out in Brussels, just one of many upshots of Norway's decision to remain outside the bloc.


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