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Britain's votes to break with EU - national media

Britain has voted to break out of the European Union, national media declared Friday, striking a thunderous blow against the bloc and spreading alarm through markets as sterling plummeted to a 31-year low against the dollar.

Divided nation: Brexit vote ahead in England, Wales

Results so far in Britain's historic referendum point to a nation divided, with London and Scotland voting to stay in the European Union but Wales and large swathes of England, particularly the north, backing a Brexit.

Britain's EU battle turns into cliffhanger

The battle over Britain's future in the European Union turned into a white knuckle ride Friday as early results from a historic referendum showed a greater-than-expected chance of the island nation leaving the 28-nation bloc.

Divided nation: results show tight Brexit race

First results from Britain's historic EU referendum suggest an extremely tight race, with swathes of northern England backing "Leave" but parts of London and Scotland coming out strongly for "Remain".

Britain and the EU in facts and figures

Money is at the heart of many a battle and Thursday's referendum on whether Britain should stay in the European Union or quit is no exception.

British MP murder suspect to be tried Nov

The alleged murderer of British lawmaker Jo Cox, whose shock killing cast a cloud over the final week of Brexit campaigning, will be tried in November under anti-terrorism legislation, a judge ruled Thursday.

In or Out

An "In or Out" sign outside a house in Hangleton near Brighton in southern England, as Britain holds a referendum on whether to stay or leave the EU.

Britain votes in historic referendum on EU

Millions of Britons began voting Thursday in a bitterly-fought, knife-edge referendum that could tear up the island nation's EU membership and spark the greatest emergency of the bloc's 60-year history.

Key voices in Britain's EU referendum

Politicians, business chiefs, faith leaders and rock stars alike have been making their voices heard on Britain's EU referendum ahead of Thursday's vote.

EU faces big changes, with or without Britain

The atmosphere in Brussels has been surreal for weeks -- business goes on as usual, officials are barred from using the word "Brexit" and life proceeds as if Britain's EU referendum does not exist.


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