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US drops 'Mother Of All Bombs' in Afghanistan

The US military on Thursday dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever deployed in combat, targeting an Islamic State complex in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said.

Bringing orphaned IS baby girl 'home' to Sudan

When Sudanese security agents came to call on businessman Alithi Yousef at his home in Khartoum, he knew immediately that his worst fears had been realised.

Joint effort to fight extremism

Most of the Sunni extremist organizations operating around the world -- from the Taliban in Afghanistan, radical religious outfits in Southeast Asia and even the globally dreaded IS group -- have evolved around the fundamentalist Wahhabi sect which is itself closely associated with Saudi Arabia.

Bloody IS video puts China in crosshairs

Islamic State militants from China's Uighur ethnic minority have vowed to return home and "shed blood like rivers", according to a jihadist-tracking firm, in what experts said marked the first IS threat against Chinese targets.

In name at least, ISIL is defeated

ISIL is no more. At least, that's the case in the hallways of the Pentagon, where military officials have done an about-face and started calling the Islamic State group ISIS, not ISIL.

IS fighter first to be stripped of Australian citizenship

An Islamic State fighter has become the first Australian to be stripped of his citizenship under anti-terrorism laws, authorities and reports said.

IS 'besieged' in last bastion in Aleppo

The Islamic State group is "completely besieged" in its last major stronghold in Syria's Aleppo province, a monitor said Monday, as pro-regime forces pressure the jihadists on several fronts.

Play about IS tackles Muslim teen radicalization

Two actors on a darkened stage, playing an erudite Muslim father and his beloved daughter who has left home to join the Islamic State jihadists, read the heartrending letters they have exchanged.

Appeals Court upholds sentence on ex-militant's son

The son of a former Islamic State (IS) militant lost his appeal today to reduce his 12 years jail term for involvement in a criminal conspiracy to promote terrorism in Malaysia.

Indon women seeking to become suicide bombers

Indonesian women are taking on a more active role in violent extremism, with some seeking to become Islamic State (IS) group suicide bombers, a leading security think tank has warned.


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