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IBM: face recognition tech should be regulated, not banned

IBM weighed in Tuesday on the policy debate over facial recognition technology, arguing against an outright ban but calling for "precision regulation" to protect privacy and civil liberties.

Software behind self-driving Uber crash didn't recognise jaywalkers

An Uber self-driving car that struck and killed a woman last year in Arizona failed to recognise her as a pedestrian because she was jaywalking, US transport regulators said Tuesday.

New Facebook logo arrives as its 'family' grows

Facebook on Monday unveiled a new logo to represent the Silicon Valley company, distinct from its core social network.

New battery design can charge an electric car in 10 minutes

Ten minutes charging time to add 200 miles of driving range: scientists in the US have claimed a technological breakthrough that could resolve one of the key concerns surrounding all-electric vehicles.

Twitter to ban political ads worldwide on its platform

Twitter said it would stop accepting political advertising globally on its platform, responding to growing concerns over misinformation from politicians on social media.

Tim Cook meets Chinese regulator after HK app criticism

The CEO of Apple has met with the top market regulator in China, a statement said Friday, a week after the tech giant faced heavy criticism over an app Beijing accused of supporting Hong Kong protesters.

Artificial meat is now made in space, coming to a supermarket near you

Creating meat from cells is no longer the realm of science fiction: a Russian cosmonaut did it aboard the International Space Station, and it is just a matter of time before these products arrive in supermarkets.

Apple pulls Hong Kong app used by protesters after China warning

Apple on Thursday removed a Hong Kong map application used by protesters following a warning by Beijing, the developer said.

Germany shooting livestreamed despite efforts by tech firms

Just weeks after a broad effort announced by tech platforms to curb the spread of violent content, a video of Wednesday's deadly shooting in the German city of Halle was posted online, where it was seen by some 2,200 people.

How fast is the universe expanding? The mystery endures

A new study has described a new method of gauging the universe's accelerating growth.


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