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Greenpeace blocks Total biorefinery that uses palm oil

Greenpeace activists on Tuesday blocked the entrance to a refinery in southern France where oil giant Total uses controversial palm oil to produce biofuel.

New lease of life for used tires

Used tires are normally discarded, but a tire dealer in Tuaran, Sabah, has decided to give used tires a new lease of life, turning them into more than 300 magnificent pieces of works of art.

Power transition in 3 years?

With the compromise from all PH components, the most likely handover time will be three years or probably longer, giving PPBM enough time to expand its political influences.

Evacuations as wildfire breaks out in Los Angeles

More than 1,000 firefighters battled a wind-driven blaze Monday that broke out near the renowned Getty Center in Los Angeles, prompting widespread evacuations as the flames destroyed several homes and forced the shutdown of schools and roads.

Liu: I never said I wanted PPBM or Mahathir out

Ronnie Liu emphasizes that he has never said he wanted PPBM to leave the Pakatan Harapan coalition or demanded Tun Mahathir's resignation.

DAP's dilemma

In a way DAP's dilemma is also a dilemma of the Malaysian Chinese community, which will unfailingly take the brunt in the event of any unfavorable development.

Before BN Youth roadshow, Asyraf must first apologise

May the destiny of our nation be forged and formed by courageous, honest and open minded youths to lead the way.

Double vision: once-divided Berlin still has two of everything

Berlin is a city with two of everything, thanks to the rival sides competing during the Cold War to delight citizens with zoos, television towers or football teams.

The climate activist preaching on New York's subway

Richard McLachlan stands in the middle of a New York subway car and begins to shout at a dozen passengers mostly engrossed in their phones.

Roti in MILO: The Politics of Malaysia

Any attempts to dilute the strength of Pakatan Harapan by 2023 will lead to its collapse by then, if not already.


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