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IBM: face recognition tech should be regulated, not banned

IBM weighed in Tuesday on the policy debate over facial recognition technology, arguing against an outright ban but calling for "precision regulation" to protect privacy and civil liberties.

Of Christy Ng and crutch

Christy Ng's story reflects the Malaysian reality that even a nobody without a backup or a background can succeed. All we need is our own hands, not that damned crutch.

Flames and fireworks as Myanmar fire balloon fest opens

The gigantic hot air balloon folded into itself and fell in a ball of flames, scattering onlookers below at the beginning of Myanmar's stunning yet treacherous fire balloon festival.

15 killed in suspected rebel attacks in Thailand's south: army

At least 15 people were killed in attacks by suspected Muslim militants in Thailand's violence-wracked south.

1MDB asset recovery: Think big, small steps, move quickly

Jho Low, still at-large and travelling around freely with multiple passports, is a perfect symptom of a bigger underlying problem which needs to be addressed at its core.

Who is 'deep state'? Ask Mahathir

“Deep state” could be nothing more than an illusory proposition concocted to sum up every unsettled problem and yet-to-materialise political calamity.

Software behind self-driving Uber crash didn't recognise jaywalkers

An Uber self-driving car that struck and killed a woman last year in Arizona failed to recognise her as a pedestrian because she was jaywalking, US transport regulators said Tuesday.

Court dismisses LTTE-related charges against assemblyman

The Sessions Court today allowed a prosecution application to dismiss two charges of possessing items related to the LTTE terrorist group against Seremban Jaya assemblyman P. Gunasekaran.

Jho Low roams free, while Najib delays trial

Najib must envy Jho Low's freedom, and will use every opportunity to postpone his conviction.

Seas to rise dramatically even if greenhouse gases are curbed

Just as an oil tanker steaming ahead at full speed cannot stop immediately, so the dramatic rise in sea levels will continue even if the world manages to slash greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030, experts warned in a study published Monday.


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