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Meaty issue: Mock pork edges onto Southeast Asian plates

A sprinkle of chili, some pinkish "pork" and a few basil leaves tossed into a sizzling wok -- chef Songpol swears his vegan version of punchy Thai favourite pad kra phao is a match for the original, as plant-based protein creeps onto Southeast Asia's meat-heavy menus.

Burying the helpless for two decades

Besides volunteering at old folks homes and shelters for the disabled, Tan Sew Sewan also helps out at the local hospital and has helped bury almost a hundred helpless people from the local old folks homes.

Haze closes Malaysia schools, sparks fears for Singapore F1

Malaysia closed more than 1,000 schools nationwide Wednesday and air quality worsened in Singapore days before the city's Formula One race, as toxic haze from Indonesian forest fires engulfed the region.

The case for an open housing market

A market opening, through targeted marketing campaigns, should help clear the country's massive luxury property stock.

Anwar says he will become PM around next May

Anwar says he will take over as the country's eighth prime minister around May 2020 although he is not "too petty about the exact month."

Haze and sustainable oil palm development

More and more Malaysian companies are owning large swathes of oil palm plantation lands in Indonesia, and their combined land bank has exceeded what they are holding back in Malaysia.

Malaysia Day going off course

By right the Sarawak state election is still quite some time away, but it now looks much nearer than it is, as the war has quietly begun.

What can Malaysians learn from Sabah and Sarawak?

Sarawak is the only nation within the tripartite Malaysian alliance which practices “1Malaysia” on a daily basis.

Poor countries will need to increase carbon footprint to address hunger

Scientists report that achieving a nutritious diet with adequate calories in developing countries will require a substantial increase in greenhouse gas emissions and water use.

Earth to warm more quickly, new climate models show

According to new climate models, greenhouse gases are warming the Earth's surface more quickly than previously understood.


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