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A rooster trying to cross the road

Any attempt to exert the slightest pressure on Mahathir will most positively backfire.

RON97 up 14 sen

The price of RON97 will jump by a whopping 14 sen to RM2.67 per liter, while RON95 and diesel remain unchanged at RM2.08 and RM2.18 per liter respectively.

Umno-PAS alliance and the political placebo effect

Because of the placebo effect, many politicians tend to take unwarranted risks when conducting strategic evaluation, believing that what they have been believing is right.

Tree-planting to offset carbon emissions: no cure-all

Some critics argue that tree-planting schemes to offset carbon emissions are nothing more than a fig leaf.

In Britain's bingo capital, love for the game endures

Most nights of the week, Margaret Fisher can be found sitting in the same seat in the same Glasgow bingo club she has been frequenting for nearly 25 years.

Weaving recycled baskets, bags together regardless of race

A group of like-minded friends in Sabak Bernam have decided that they should do something to help raise environment awareness in the local Malay society, by turning discarded aluminium foil plastic bags into stylish bags, baskets and water bottle holders.

Readying ourselves for the aftermath of surging oil prices

The Saudi attack should serve as an important test for Malaysia in its readiness for the impact from constantly changing global trade environment and hostile geopolitical developments.

Saudi oil attacks an Iranian 'act of war', says Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced strikes on Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure as an "act of war", as Riyadh unveiled new evidence it said showed the assault was "unquestionably" sponsored by arch-foe Iran.

Ocean power: A green option failing to make waves

The tidal power plant on the Rance river in Brittany, France, stands as a reminder of the underexploited potential of energy generation from ocean tides, waves and warmth.

The Bollywood dream factory in Mumbai's slums

In a windowless attic in Dharavi in Mumbai, one of Asia's biggest slums, some are looking to become a Bollywood star -- or at least get a bit part.


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