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We all could see so clearly, why couldn't the Rocket?

Unfortunately we have become these people's target whenever they come under tremendous pressure from the masses and are trying to look for an object to divert public attention.

“Praise Freedom” is the new Press Freedom

In the era of Alternative Facts, who needs the truth?

The mother of all elections in 2023:. how a democracy must defeat a 'kleptheocracy'

A weak electoral mandate in 2023 will see the country being set back once again not just by kleptocracy, but the “kleptheocracy” of PAS and Umno.

Jawi: 4-pronged proposal to the education ministry

The concerns and worries among Chinese Malaysians over the government's policy of introducing Jawi calligraphy in vernacular schools are understandable, given their past experiences.

Open doors to welcome the talent

The government's conflicting move will not effectively woo our talents overseas to come back but will instead aggravate the outflow of talents.

Falling off the pedestal

Under the prevailing racist undertone, even if DAP is becoming more liberal, it will never win the favor of the Malay community but may lose its fundamental Chinese support instead.

Once the floodgates are opened...

Any inappropriate change introduced to our education system will have far-fetching effects on one whole generation, or probably even a few more generations.

Jawi calligraphy not making Chinese identity any less

We need not worry or feel fearful that the Chinese culture and religion will be threatened by the education ministry's move.

Will the Perak MB be removed?

Will Mahathir remove the MB before the people of Perak demand a more competent candidate?

Grow our economy, not politics

With the 2018 general elections more than a year behind us now, it is time to put politicking aside and concentrate on fixing the economy.


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