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The heart shall not stop

I enjoyed every minute of the time I worked in saving Malaysia, and will never give up on this great nation of ours.

Under siege

Is Mahathir about to abandon Azmin by seeking support from outside PH to firm up his rule?

Major breakthrough needed for tourist industry

If we really want to boost our tourist industry, why must we enforce the third country entry requirement when extending the visa-on-arrival facility?

Lower voting age: who has the last laugh?

Umno and PAS are set to benefit from the new initiative, unless the PH administration is able to shore up the country's economy and come up with a new vision to turn the tide around.

The power game in Malay politics

Power-grabbing game is addictive, extremely exhaustive, and not the least beneficial to the nation.

The political myth of Malay unity

Mahathir's Malay unity call couldn't have come as a bigger embarrassment for the other PH components which have ascended to power after breaking the monoracial unity spell.

Helping youth organizations adapt to new ruling

Youth organizations may need a longer buffer period to adapt to the new ruling.

Voting at 18

It is illogical to think that these people are not mature enough when it comes to exercising their civic responsibility and deciding who should form the government.

Mahathir and Zahid's return

Against the backdrop of internal conflicts within PH, with the succession issue and Azmin Ali's sex video incident coming into picture, Umno's inclination and choice could have a tad effect on the final outcome.

Preserving the right of Malaysians to assemble peacefully

All democratic governments must suitably assist their citizens to exercise their right to assemble peacefully.


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