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Task forced, committees are mere procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time and the budget.

Merdeka: are we doing enough?

As Merdeka day approaches, perhaps we should reflect on whether we have done enough for this nation, or are still weighing out the differences among us.

Race: the on-going Malaysian dilemma

Acknowledging that racial division is a serious problem and making a committed effort together to manage the issue will be the only viable solution.

Zakir Naik, more than just a fugitive

Zakir is more than just a wanted fugitive, he is also a religious extremist and ideological terrorist. Arresting him and throwing him out of this country is our only choice now.

The case for evidence-based decision making

Evidence-based decision making is practically the definition of good economic governance. In the eyes of the international investment community, it is what separates safe investment destinations from risky ones.

In Utusan and Bernama plight, a Merdeka of Compassion

"I have been ashamed of Malays and Muslims for all the corruption they have accepted, abusive words they have thrown at others, cruel misdeeds they have intended, and false religious sense of righteousness they have portrayed."

Deconstructing Mahathir's racist rage against Dong Zong

Deconstructing Mahathir's racist rage against Dong Zong

Defending Chinese education is not racism

It is not wrong, less so racist, to defend Chinese education. We must revert to rationality and handle this and other issues sensibly. Name-calling and unjustified accusations will not take us anywhere.

No one is above the law

Zakir must be handed back to the Indian authorities in view of the excellent ties between our two countries as well as the spirit of rule of law.

Zakir, Dong Zong, and racism

But, it is definitely racism for a person to force his own language and culture onto other people in an interventive and assaultive manner, and call those reluctant to submit to them "racists".


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