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With no suitable heir in sight, Mahathir keeps himself in office

There's no way a fragmented and debilitated PKR can take over Mahathir's place, be it Anwar or Azmin. Before a new successor is found, Mahathir will have to keep himself continually in office.

Ammo to the enemy

The IGP said the sex video scandal was a waste of police resources and time. Indeed the same is true for PH and PKR. This whole thing must be put to a stop immediately.

Forging community ties, one friendly gesture at a time

Singapore's efforts over the years to foster a society where a disparate people manage to live in peace and harmony despite their differences, did not happen by chance. It took conscious, dogged effort.

Hi-tech, Hi-wage: Reinventing a nation

A knowledge technology driven economy creates high wage jobs, and high wage positions in turn need knowledge workers.

Promoting democracy awareness among our youths

While the education ministry can open the door for democracy and rights awareness to get into our schools, political ideologies of parties must be strictly kept out.

Parliament can be more than a 'rubber stamp'

Democracy works best when MPs act on their constituents' behalf by bringing their voices to the Parliament.

Elephant in the room

If the police could not identity the "other man" in the video, how could they conclude that this whole thing had been a political ploy targeting a particular “party leader”?

More generous visa facility to usher in VM 2020

VM 2020 provides an excellent opportunity for Malaysia to further liberalize its visa policy to maximize the economic spinoff from a highly promising non-polluting industry.

Beyond the Moon

"We look forward to working with our close friends in Malaysia to accomplish the next 'impossible' dream. Together, we look forward to humanity’s next great endeavor…a moonshot that goes beyond the moon."

What did Anwar see when he looked in the mirror?

One thing is clear: There is little need for Umno and PAS to join forces to break PH up. PH is doing the job very well on its own!


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