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Once the floodgates are opened...

Any inappropriate change introduced to our education system will have far-fetching effects on one whole generation, or probably even a few more generations.

Jawi calligraphy not making Chinese identity any less

We need not worry or feel fearful that the Chinese culture and religion will be threatened by the education ministry's move.

Will the Perak MB be removed?

Will Mahathir remove the MB before the people of Perak demand a more competent candidate?

Grow our economy, not politics

With the 2018 general elections more than a year behind us now, it is time to put politicking aside and concentrate on fixing the economy.

Hadi Awang, the future PM?

PH component parties need not worry about a looming Umno-PAS alliance because these two parties will start to quarrel sooner or later over seat allocation and issue of dominance.

Not just an additional public holiday

Among the 43 constitutional monarchies in the world, Malaysia's system is perhaps the most unique, and superior.

King's message to the nation: tolerance and unity

We must seriously take His Majesty's advice that being born with different skin colors doesn't mean we can stay divided. We can enlarge our economic cake and enjoy our prosperity together.

Will Anwar take a different path?

The erstwhile opposition leaders who were critical about Mahathir in the past, have become our cabinet ministers waxing lyrical about their beloved prime minister today. At least, by comparison, Anwar Ibrahim is more of a man of principle.

New chapter emerging, as East meets West again

Contrasting world views between East and West reflect their differing cultures and past experiences, and are never going to converge around a simplistic end of history norm.

Why are Orang Asli prime targets for conversion?

Kelantan government says it will convert all 16,000 Orang Asli in the state to Islam within 30 years, and bodies of Bateq tribesmen who died mysteriously have been exhumed for postmortem and reburied as Muslims!


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