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Conspiracy theories spreading in South Korea

Between Japan and South Korea, a strange state of high emotions is spreading.

Kashmir is where Fourth World War may begin

The world is familiar with World War I and World II: literally a military free for all, with the exception of Latin America, parts of Africa and Switzerland, which declared total neutrality.

Mahathir backtracks on Lynas and ignores Bukit Merah

Malaysians are haunted by Bukit Merah and do not want Lynas to repeat that horror.

My fantasies of educational sovereignty

The state DAP chief promised us to take the voice of local Chinese community into the federal cabinet and have the Jawi case handled separately for Sarawak.

Foolishness and obstinacy

Such a foolish “solution” for a foolish policy that must still be carried out despite all the foolishness.

Khat is no false proposition

The Chinese community's doubts and fears over the education ministry's plan to introduce Jawi calligraphy at vernacular schools are not completely unfounded, as many parents have indeed lost their faith in the ministry.

Pali, Classical Chinese and Jawi

Primary school students are too young to learn and appreciate an ancient language which will not offer them much help in future.

We all could see so clearly, why couldn't the Rocket?

Unfortunately we have become these people's target whenever they come under tremendous pressure from the masses and are trying to look for an object to divert public attention.

“Praise Freedom” is the new Press Freedom

In the era of Alternative Facts, who needs the truth?

The mother of all elections in 2023:. how a democracy must defeat a 'kleptheocracy'

A weak electoral mandate in 2023 will see the country being set back once again not just by kleptocracy, but the “kleptheocracy” of PAS and Umno.


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