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Which legacy will Mahathir leave for Malaysians?

In the new back-door government, both Mahathir and Malaysians are the real losers.

Power transition in 3 years?

With the compromise from all PH components, the most likely handover time will be three years or probably longer, giving PPBM enough time to expand its political influences.

DAP's dilemma

In a way DAP's dilemma is also a dilemma of the Malaysian Chinese community, which will unfailingly take the brunt in the event of any unfavorable development.

Before BN Youth roadshow, Asyraf must first apologise

May the destiny of our nation be forged and formed by courageous, honest and open minded youths to lead the way.

Roti in MILO: The Politics of Malaysia

Any attempts to dilute the strength of Pakatan Harapan by 2023 will lead to its collapse by then, if not already.

DAP, the victim of his own

DAP's “success” has stemmed from an exchange of interests with Mahathir, but the party is now forced to pay a hefty price for its arrogance and power hunger that come with that success.

The possibility of PH collapse and fall of democracy

The new democracy that we thought we had won through peaceful power transition is thoroughly defeated.

Of political intrigue and controversy: again and again

Of political intrigue and controversy: again and again.

Maszlee's dream

Be it the previous BN government's “1Malaysia” or the current administration's “New Malaysia”, they are all very much racist in nature with non-Malay leaders having hardly any say in government policies

Lack of transparency and closed tenders are a conduit for corruption

Lack of transparency and closed tenders are a conduit for corruption.


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