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PKR's worsening infighting

Intense power struggle will only spawn more uncertainties at the expense of the country's economic development, which is what Malaysians are most reluctant to see.

PKR's self-consuming war

Neither side will benefit from such division, but to the party's image and future, lethal damage is already done.

Constituency redelineation after lowering of voting age

Lowering of voting age is only a small step in the country's democratic development; a more crucial reform that should follow is the redelineation of federal constituencies.

After constitution amendment, political education

While the voices of young people must be heard, they must first have the ability to think independently, analyze political issues and tell the authenticity of a piece of information fed to them.

Conspiracy after conspiracy

Apparently the power struggle within PKR's central leadership has now spread to Perak and Selangor, and could very well erode the stability of the state administrations if things get out of hand.

Japanese politics for the next generation

Japan's domestic social and economic reforms are still not sufficient, and the electorate remains concerned about social security and healthcare systems as well as the job market structure in the future.

Can GLC’s adopt the MNC culture?

We don’t need archaic and bureaucratic methods to restrict our institutions. We want new, inclusive and modern management.

Youth and Ocean are inseparable

Besides being educated, energetic, curious and robust, youths must also pay attention to the environment around us, which is so critical and fast changing.

Is Ipoh the world's dumping ground for plastic waste?

Why should Malaysia and in particular Ipoh, be the dumping ground for the first world?

World Bicycle Day and how we can cycle more in Malaysia

Let’s not only reduce carbon but also save our medical bill by cycling more.


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