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Refugees, migrants, terrorists

We welcome these refugees out of compassion or other factors, making them new migrants and exposing ourselves to latent dangers the moment we let down our guard, blinded by religious empathy.

May 13 anniversary passed as non-event

From the painful past, we must honestly inspect our problems today so that we can wholly deliver ourselves out of the gloom of May 13.

Sabah says no to Umno-PAS

Umno-PAS “grand unity” trick does not work in East Malaysia.

Time to declassify May 13

May 13 shouldn't have become a tool exploited by certain quarters to intimidate the people. It should not be a classified file full of unanswered questions.

Fostering national unity

The government must take the initiative and put in the effort to reverse the trend of race politics.

How to stay in power

Compared to the anemic performance over its first year in office, the ruling coalition should be able to do much better over the next four years after introducing a series of plans.

Reforming independent high schools

Education reforms for independent Chinese high schools have to be implemented with care only after thorough consideration.

Challenges ahead for PH

Many people are willing to give PH more time, but the government must first overcome its many challenges.

Crutches for the young?

Undeniably all government policies have political considerations behind.


The voters in Sandakan have very different expectations from DAP, now a part of the ruling coalition. Much of the grumbling and frustration will inevitably fall upon its shoulders!


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