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IRB should not 'disturb people'

IRB has the right and obligation to pursue unpaid taxes, but this has to be done in an appropriate manner lest it will cause unnecessary trouble to businesses or individuals.

Complete ban of plastic waste import

We don't need this kind of economic activities. The quality of life and health of Malaysians is much more important than anything else.

My Huawei phone and trade war

Retaliation should not be the primary response in a conflict in our Global Village, as retaliation will only bring on more counter-retaliation moves, in the end setting the whole Village ablaze.


Malaysians should try to increase their incomes and savings in order to weather the storm. It is simply impossible for the government to take care of everyone.

Getting stuck between two big crises

What Malaysians are concerned about is the quota system as well as the position of the four components of PH.

Self sufficiency to firm up national economy

We should cut our reliance on the import of products we have the resources and capability to produce ourselves.

Don't politicize education

Contention over the matriculation quota issue has now crossed the line and triggered unnecessary sensitive debates.

Sustainable solutions for PTPTN

The government must be firm and not to reverse the policy just to please a particular segment of the society.

Let the voices be heard

How could an education minster be fit for this job if he fails to uphold the spirit of learning and fair competition?

You can pick up a language, not skin color

We cannot choose, or change, our skin color. Consequently, quota set along racial lines is real discrimination.


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