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The case for an open housing market

A market opening, through targeted marketing campaigns, should help clear the country's massive luxury property stock.

Haze and sustainable oil palm development

More and more Malaysian companies are owning large swathes of oil palm plantation lands in Indonesia, and their combined land bank has exceeded what they are holding back in Malaysia.

Malaysia Day going off course

By right the Sarawak state election is still quite some time away, but it now looks much nearer than it is, as the war has quietly begun.

What can Malaysians learn from Sabah and Sarawak?

Sarawak is the only nation within the tripartite Malaysian alliance which practices “1Malaysia” on a daily basis.

The political sense of security East Malaysians want

A sense of security has become more precious now than development for the coming Sarawak election.

The PAS-Umno charter: looking right through it

Almost nothing can be worse to non-Malays than this marriage of parties “advocating racial supremacy and religious extremism”.

The gem on the other side of South China Sea

It is hoped that from this moment on we will look at the gem across the South China Sea in a brand new perspective, because neither side will be able to retain the glitter without the other.

Umno-PAS alliance is ‘good’ for Malaysians!

The Umno-PAS alliance is good simply because these two parties have been sleeping together outside of wedlock for several years already and now they have decided to make themselves an ‘honest’ and ‘halal’ union.

A nation full of miracles

For such a culturally diverse country to come into being was itself almost a miracle.

Challenges of Christianity in Sarawak

Islamic councils from Kuala Lumpur often interfere excessively in the activities of other religions, especially on the issue of conversion and the use of "Allah" in Malay language Bible.


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