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The Political Mess in Tanjung Piai

But, the MCA leadership is the one showing very little for it to be considered a party with strong principles and integrity to lead Malaysia. Goodbye, MCA.

Stupidity in Tanjung Piai

Your cleverness may keep you alive today, but wisdom will take you much further from here!

Bike-hailing: road safety must be prioritised

The operators must be regulated while the safety and welfare of the riders must be guaranteed and passenger safety put above profitability.

Of Christy Ng and crutch

Christy Ng's story reflects the Malaysian reality that even a nobody without a backup or a background can succeed. All we need is our own hands, not that damned crutch.

1MDB asset recovery: Think big, small steps, move quickly

Jho Low, still at-large and travelling around freely with multiple passports, is a perfect symptom of a bigger underlying problem which needs to be addressed at its core.

Who is 'deep state'? Ask Mahathir

“Deep state” could be nothing more than an illusory proposition concocted to sum up every unsettled problem and yet-to-materialise political calamity.

Jho Low roams free, while Najib delays trial

Najib must envy Jho Low's freedom, and will use every opportunity to postpone his conviction.

Tanjung Piai: a dilemma for PH?

Many believe that the handover of power to Anwar Ibrahim will be expedited if PPBM's dominance is shattered following the defeat of its candidate in Tanjung Piai.

With friends like these...

PAS' support for MCA is putting MCA in a spot in the eyes of the Chinese.

Catch me if you can: Jho Low must be nabbed with international collaboration

If Osama and Baghdadi could not get away, there is no way Jho Low can escape the fullest brunt of the law. The IGP just has to activate an international team of tenacious investigators to work in a transboundary context.


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