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Protestors from climate change group Extinction Rebellion walk through Glastonbury Festival of Music and Performing Arts in Somerset, England.

Berlin allotment holders dig in against property developers

Birds tweet and shears snip as one of Berlin's many urban gardeners tends her city centre allotment, but behind the tranquil scene a battle is raging over the real estate.

From Rio to Rome, a battle for selfie supremacy

Under the immense Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro and its picturesque Guanabara Bay, dozens of tourists jockey for position to get selfies with the stunning panoramic view illuminated by the setting sun.


Riders prepare to have a test ride of Zero electric motorcycles at the Motoworks dealership in Chicago. Built in California, Zero motorcycles are the best-selling electric motorcycle brand in the market.

Bullet art

Brazilian artist Rodrigo Camacho working on one of his art pieces made with bullets, at his atelier located at his home garage in Rio de Janeiro.


The sculptures 'Le Baiser' (R, 'The Kiss', 1885) by French artist Auguste Rodin and 'Le Desir' (1907) by Aristide Maillol on display during the exhibition 'Rodin-Maillol face à face' at Musée d'art Hyacinthe Rigau in Perpignan, southern France.

Selfies and the self: what they say about us and society

The selfie craze speaks volumes about the era in which we live: how images race around the globe and can dominate public discourse, eliciting strong emotions and even blurring the lines of reality.

Trans indigenous women eke out a tough living in Colombia

When Erika Aisama decided to live as a transgender woman in an indigenous community in Colombia, the punishment was brutal: her father shaved her head and she was locked up in the stocks, medieval-style.


A visitor watching a projection during the Van Gogh Immersive Experience "Fantasy of The Inner World" exhibition at the National Museum of China in Beijing.

Made homeless by war, Syrians sell furniture to survive

For years, Abu Ali sold used furniture and home appliances for a living. But he never thought Syria's war would one day make him homeless and force him to sell his own.


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