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Algae bloom

Boats surrounded by algae in a bay in Qingdao. The bright green algae bloom is an annual phenomenon along the coastline of China's eastern Shandong province since the first outbreak in 2008, and is believed to be caused by a combination of warming sea temperatures and edible seaweed farming off the coast.

Cuba's aging rockers finally earn their due

For decades, their songs were banned, and even called the "music of the enemy." But Cuba's rockers have finally found their place in a nation where salsa, rumba and reggaeton usually reign.

Elephants: the jumbo surprise outside Nigeria's megacity

The jungle was so thick that Emmanuel Olabode only found the elephants he was tracking when the great matriarch's sniffing trunk reached out close enough to almost touch.

Lost lessons: N. Koreans get 're-education' in South

One of the first things North Korean defector Ri Kwang-myong did after reaching the South was to go back to school -- 12 years after finishing his education.

100 colours

"100 colours", an art installation made of 8,000 paper-cut numbers by French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux on display at Eslite Book Store in Taipei.

Social media rescue Morocco's last woman potters

Beautiful handcrafted pottery made by Mama Aicha rarely sells in Morocco anymore, but thanks to social media her ancient techniques are drawing students from around the world to the foothills of the Rif mountains.

Applying mascara, male bloggers challenge Russia gender norms

Gevorg brushes mascara onto his already long, dark lashes before dabbing highlighter above his cheekbones and checking the results in a mirror of a central Moscow salon.

Waves of change: Nigeria's Lagos battles Atlantic erosion

Can Lagos hold back the waves? Sprawled around a lagoon, Nigeria's frenetic economic capital faces a threat from the Atlantic on its doorstep.

A waste of good wine? Non! Spitting is essential to tasting

Spitting is frowned upon in polite society -- unless of course the spitter is engaged in tasting wines.

Vintage fashion: senior models bridge S. Korea's age divide

Aged 70 she was working 20 hours a day in a hospital just to make ends meet.


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