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Smoky tea baked in clay: tandoori chai heats up Pakistan

It's a cuppa like no other. Every evening in Islamabad a crowd arrives at Sanaullah's street stall to taste his "tandoori chai" -- milk tea served in terracotta mugs, still hot from his traditional oven.

Bulgarian singer hits high with record-breaking vocals

Smilyana Zaharieva knew she had a gift when she saw her audience tremble or cry during her performances.

Artist adorns Egyptian cave church with biblical art

Whistling a tune, Mario nimbly clambered up the scaffolding enveloping part of the rock-hewn St. Simon Monastery atop Cairo's Mokkatam hills to add the final touches to his latest sculpture.

Across the border

Mexican kids playing "up and down" (see-saws) over the Mexican border with the U.S. at the Anapra Zone in Ciudad Juarez.

Roots of Peace

A mural painted in 1960 by late Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilaro entitled "Roots of Peace" in a tunnel under the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington DC. Photo courtesy: AFP

Twisting tower

A twisting tower clad in reflective aluminium tiles and designed by US architect Frank Gehry in Arles, southern France, during "Les Rencontres de la photographie - Arles 2019" summer photography festival, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and will run until September 22.

Fishing for plastic on Amsterdam's eco-friendly canal cruises

Equipped with fishing rods and thick gloves, a group of people peers into the water from one of the many boats that line Amsterdam's famous canals.

Underwater museum

Handout image released by Jordan's Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) showing a sunken Jordanian Armed Forces AH-1 Cobra helicopter on the seabed of the Red Sea off the coast of southern port city Aqaba, as part of a new underwater military museum.

Grannies for Future: 100-year-old German enters politics

German great-grandmother Lisel Heise's ambition to enter politics crystalised a few years before her 100th birthday, when organisers of a public hearing cut off her microphone.

Car boom brings gridlock misery to 'green and happy' Bhutan

Famed for valuing Gross National Happiness over economic growth, Bhutan is a poster child for sustainable development.


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