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Weaving recycled baskets, bags together regardless of race

A group of like-minded friends in Sabak Bernam have decided that they should do something to help raise environment awareness in the local Malay society, by turning discarded aluminium foil plastic bags into stylish bags, baskets and water bottle holders.

The Bollywood dream factory in Mumbai's slums

In a windowless attic in Dharavi in Mumbai, one of Asia's biggest slums, some are looking to become a Bollywood star -- or at least get a bit part.

Meaty issue: Mock pork edges onto Southeast Asian plates

A sprinkle of chili, some pinkish "pork" and a few basil leaves tossed into a sizzling wok -- chef Songpol swears his vegan version of punchy Thai favourite pad kra phao is a match for the original, as plant-based protein creeps onto Southeast Asia's meat-heavy menus.

Burying the helpless for two decades

Besides volunteering at old folks homes and shelters for the disabled, Tan Sew Sewan also helps out at the local hospital and has helped bury almost a hundred helpless people from the local old folks homes.

Lilly, Thailand's Greta Thunberg, wages war on plastic

Skipping school to glide through a dirty Bangkok canal on a paddleboard, Lilly fishes out rubbish in her mission to clean up Thailand, where the average person uses eight plastic bags every single day.

Bull run

A jockey racing a pair of bulls on a paddy field during the annual Kalapoottu bull-running festival at a village near Palakkad in Kerala, India.

Transgender choir sings for acceptance in China

In an old theatre between soaring tower blocks in China's southwestern city of Chengdu, a choir of transgender singers are on stage belting out the empowering lyrics of Jolin Tsai's anthem "Me".

'Rebel' Saudi women shun obligatory abaya robe

Her high heels clacking on marble tiles, a defiant Saudi woman turned heads and drew gasps as she strutted through a Riyadh mall -- without a body-shrouding abaya.

A living history on Sabah's west coast

Like other towns on Sabah's west coast, Kinarut came into existence at the turn of the last century because of the rail line built by the North Borneo Chartered Company and a burgeoning rubber industry.


The Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral's carpet undergoing renovation at the Mobilier National headquarters in Paris.


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