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More than just popping in: event combines sporting challenge and scavenger hunt

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(Relaxnews) - This coming Saturday, as many as 450 women will be popping into Utrecht, Netherlands to participate in the first of three adventures that compose "Pop in the City," a self-proclaimed raid designed to test physical and intellectual limits.

It's a race against time for which contestants are advised to be in reasonably good physical shape at minimum, although the sporting challenges are only half the battle.

As with the upcoming events planned in Porto (September 13, 2014) and Nice (October 11, 2014), the details will remain a surprise until the big day.

So far, intending participants know they will be given city-specific challenges in the area of art, culture, cuisine, charity, sport and the extreme.

Examples of what will be asked include cooking a dish unique to the city's culture in a landmark restaurant, or scaling a tall monument of historical and cultural significance.

They could be asked to participate in a charitable event specific to the city's needs.

They also know they can't use their mobile phones, the absence of which is intended to encourage interaction with locals for guidance.

As participants are often challenged to find their way to unique locales seldom frequented by tourists, the format can resemble a scavenger hunt -- a growing trend in tourism with organizations such as The Global Scavenger Hunt increasingly attracting travelers in search of an experience, apps presenting challenging itineraries for adventure seekers and cities organizing events for locals and visitors alike.

Pop in the City ontestants are asked to form teams of two, and are strictly limited to women over 18.

Participation costs start at €165, and a package that includes tickets to the night's gala is available for €200. Hotel and transportation costs are not included.

The event founders and organizers select the cities based on accessibility via train and low-cost airlines to accommodate a range of budgets.

Inspired by having participated together in a similar event in the Moroccan desert, friends Clémentine Charles and Marie Pichot of Paris and Sophie Gastine of Sancerre, France, launched the event in 2012.

No information is available as to what the winners will receive as a prize, however, the website subtly implies that the day itself is a prize in itself in terms of personal enhancement.

Pop in the City is a candidate in the final round of the annual entrepreneurship contest of the BFM Académie in Paris.

Results are expected June 19.

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