Sin Chew forges ahead with local Chinese businesses: Tiong

  • Tan Sri Tiong (R6) receiving a mock check from one of the sponsors for Sin Chew Business Awards 2014. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

SHAH ALAM (Sin Chew Daily) -- Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad executive chairman Tan Sri Sir Tiong Hiew King said Sin Chew Daily is a professional newspaper with an aspiration and historical mission, and will do its best to serve the Chinese businesses in Malaysia by providing in-depth analysis and unbiased reports on local and oversea economic conditions.

"We wish to provide local Chinese businesses more reliable information and space for further thinking in hope of inspiring them to reassess the realistic and objective business environment as they brace the new challenges with renewed wisdom."

He said during the launch of the 2014 Sin Chew Business Awards, "Under the highly challenging and variable economic conditions, we need to find our own positioning and work together to establish a common community for Chinese businesses in the world where we can communicate, cooperate and win our due respect."

He said the most important thing is that we must change our own actions and modify the way we think and act.

"Sin Chew Daily is tasked with such a social mission, and we will give our best shot for it as a token of appreciation for the continued support from Malaysian Chinese businesses and readers.

"While we pursue a better tomorrow for ourselves, we must also learn to care for other people as well as our society. We should stay highly alert in a globalized world and brace the challenges and competition with a new set of thinking and wisdom.

"We must dedicate all our effort for the betterment of our society and country and guide Malaysian businesses towards greater success."

Tiong said a businessman keen to absorb new knowledge and boasts a high level of self-consciousness and judgmental powers while a having all the latest market trends at his finger tips, is often the one with the most confidence and winning chances.

He thanked all relevant quarters for the support and blessings towards Sin Chew Business Awards, and hoped it would become the eventual benchmark among Chinese businesses in Malaysia in their continuous pursuit of excellence, and as a platform where they can share their experiences and progress together.


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