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Mother And Son And Life

Professor Lung Ying-tai is back and once again she proved to be a crowd puller. The hall of Sin Chew Daily was packed with mostly women and teenagers. They came to learn how to be like her and how to like her son, Andreas.

I should gave a brief introduction here for those who never read the book “Dear Andreas” before. It is about Lung Ying-tai and her son who shared their feelings and exchanged their views about life, national affairs and social issues in 36 letters. The two generations communicated and grew together.

We envy the purity of Lung Ying-tai, the maturity and sensitivity of Andreas, as well as love between them. Many in the audience had a common question: Why don’t we having a mother like Lung Ying-tai? Why aren't Malaysian teenagers like Andreas?

"Communication is very important. But how to communicate?"

Many parents find it hard to enter the world of their children and they could only watch their children walking away from them. Meanwhile, many children resisted family love and ignored social affairs.

It is not just a problem between parents and children but it involves the alienation of families from the society. It causes pain to the family and it is an obstacle for social development. Lung Ying-tai has her success and precious experiences so does Andreas.

There are differences for different families and different societies. There would not be Long Ying-tai and Andreas in a conservative family or a society with low social awareness.

For example, Lung Ying-tai told her 10-year-old son along the night about how Vladimir Lenin set up the communist regime in 1917; how the Communist Party of China defeated Kuomintang in 1949; why there was a crisis across the Taiwan Strait and how a power corrupts.

Only a few mothers can do this.

Of course, schools in Malaysia are not like schools in Germany that help in developing children's mind, guide them to open up their visions and instil them with social responsibilities and civic awareness.

However, we do not need to feel disappointed. We still have our own way as long as parents and children are willing to work together.

Communication is very important. But how to communicate? It depends on willingness and constantly try.

As for the content of communication, of course it is not necessary to follow Long Ying-tai as we have resources, history and collective memories of our own.

For example, where did our ancestor come from and why?

What is the family concepts and responsibilities, ethic moralities and values? How do we preserve and inherit them?

What is our position in this country? What is our goal?

We cannot try to be like Andreas but we can find the answer with the clues left by Lung Ying-tai. (By TAY TIAN YAN/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily)

MySinchew 2008.01.14


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