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Taiwan war game has China victorious in three days: report

TAIPEI, Wednesday 4 August 2010 (AFP) - A computerised scenario carried out by Taiwan's military showed that in a war with China the island's capital Taipei would be in enemy hands in just three days, a report said Wednesday.

Last month's simulation, attended by President Ma Ying-jeou, came amid warnings that China could increase its missiles aimed at Taiwan by several hundred to more than 1,900 this year, despite warming ties.

Under the scenario, assuming war in 2011, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) launched intensive air raids on Taiwan before sending in ground troops from sea and air, Next Magazine reported.

The war game found that Chinese troops could march into Taipei on the third day of hostilities, seizing control of Taiwan's top military command and the presidential office, it said, quoting unnamed sources.

The results dealt a huge blow to Ma's goal of building "solid defence and efficient deterrence" with a small but elite army, it said.

Taiwan's defence ministry dismissed the report.

China still regards Taiwan as part of its territory awaiting reunification and has increased its military build-up since a missile crisis in 1996, according to analysts.

The PLA launched ballistic missiles into waters near Taiwan during a series of live-fire drills in 1995 and 1996, aiming to deter the Taiwanese from voting for Lee Teng-hui, the independence-minded president then seeking another four-year term.

China halted its sabre-rattling only after the United States sent two battle carrier groups to waters near the island.

Although tensions across the Taiwan Strait have eased since Ma's China-friendly administration came to power in 2008, Beijing has still not ruled out the use of force against the island should it declare independence.

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