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A classical Chinese wedding with retro palanquin

  • The retro wedding convoy attracts the attention of local residents when passing through Taman Ria housing estate. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • The bridal bouquet made of real banknotes! Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

BAHAU, Oct 2 (Sin Chew Daily) -- A young couple is definitely thinking very much out of the box by having a classical Chinese style wedding, with the groom arriving in an antique bicycle, and a palanquin manned by eight bearers for his bride.

300 meters apart

The unusual wedding ceremony took place on Sunday morning at Kampung Batu Bakar, Bahau, Negeri Sembilan.

Pang, the 29-year-old bridegroom, and his newly wed wife Liu, 27, are both from the same village living some 300 meters apart.

Due to the narrow roads inside the village, the groom has come up with this whimsical idea of employing a bridal palanquin in the place of a motorized vehicle to fetch his bride.

On the auspicious day, the palanquin manned by eight bearers made its way to the bride's house, attracting the attention of many villagers along its way.

The couple first met each other six years ago, as she frequented his house to buy his mother's home-made kuih.

Pang recalled that one day he invited Liu to go to the night market at Taman Meranti, and she agreed spontaneously. From that day on, they became lovers and now, husband and wife.

Purchased online

The palanquin has been purchased through online shopping site Taobao.com while their classical wedding costumes were tailor-made.

To add to the joyous atmosphere, the palanquin convoy paraded through the neighboring Taman Ria residential estate, attracting many onlookers.

Pang said the wedding was held in a traditional way out of fun and creativity so that everyone could have an enjoyable and fun-packed day.


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