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School uniform for impoverished schoolgirl

  • Wearing regular clothes, Suraini bows down her head while lining up with her classmates. Photo courtesy: BungoLale's Twitter
  • Suraini smiling happily in her new uniform. Photo courtesy: BungoLale's Twitter

CAMERON HIGHLANDS, Sept 30 (Sin Chew Daily) -- A kindhearted primary school teacher is offering a hand to help an impoverished Orangasli schoolgirl by giving her a set of school uniform.

A national primary school teacher at Lemoi Orangasli settlement in Cameron Highlands posted through her Twitter account (@bungolale that she discovered that one of the schoolgirls came to school without uniform, while she was handling the enrolment of new students.

When asked, the schoolgirl told her she could not afford to buy school uniform.

So the teacher spent some time looking at the school's store room, and managed to find a new set of school uniform for the student, Suraini.

The schoolgirl's reaction seemed to tell her that all the effort she had put in had been worthwhile.

“Suraini appreciates her uniform very much, and would look into the mirror at school each time she passes it.

“She is a late registrant as her parents have just moved into Cameron Highlands recently.

“Probably her parents have been too busy that they have forgotten she is already seven and is ready to go to school.”

Slightly oversize

The teacher later also managed to find Suraini a pair of school shoes. Although they are slightly oversize for her, she is utterly delighted with her new uniform and shoes which make her look not much different from the rest of the class.

The teacher, who has been teaching there for nine years, published a book on her teaching life at Lemoi Orangasli settlement in 2016.

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