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Herbal tea to battle haze

  • Students love the herbal tea sweetened with brown sugar or honey. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Students will proceed to a specific classroom for their herbal tea as soon as the school bell is rung. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Volunteering parents work as a team to prepare herbal tea for the kids. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Students tell their principal (R) the herbal tea tastes exactly the same as the one boiled by their grandmothers at home. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • The herbal tea prepared by the PTA has warmed the hearts of everyone at school. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

SEREMBAN, Sept 23 (Sin Chew Daily) -- The parent-teacher association (PTA) of SJKC Chan Wa in Seremban has provided the much needed respite to students, teachers and school staff suffering from unhealthy levels of air quality.

This is the fourth time the school's PTA has prepared cooling drinks for the students as Seremban is blanketed by a thick smog from forest fires across the border in Indonesia.

The school authorities have made pre-announcements through the school's intercom system to inform the students to assemble at a specific classroom to enjoy the herbal tea prepared for them by some of the parents and volunteers.

The students are obviously very happy with the soothing beverage.

Fourth effort from PTA

Ms Lok, the PTA chairperson, told Sin Chew Daily it was the fourth time the PTA had prepared herbal tea for the students because they had a duty to take care of the children's health, and hoped these students would begin a more balanced diet right from the school.

The PTA's initiative has been well supported by the school authorities.

“We have earlier proposed to the canteen operator to sell herbal tea to students, but we discovered later that the kids seldom drink, and not many would buy.

“So we try to introduce different health drinks for the kids, beginning with barley water during the first time, followed by chrysanthemum tea in our second operation, and herbal tea in the third and fourth.

Volunteering parents

Each operation sees six volunteering parents working in a team, some responsible for purchasing, others boiling the herbal tea or washing the cups, among others.

400 cups of herbal tea are prepared in each of the operations, more than enough for everyone at school, with the balance packed home by students and teachers.

“We are thankful to the volunteering parents who have to start preparing as early as five in the morning before sending the herbal tea to school.

“We also have four to five parents who would boil the unsweetened herbal tea at home and bring it to school.

Ms Lok said some of the teachers and staff prefer unsweetened drinks while the students prefer drinks sweetened with either brown sugar or honey.

She said the PTA was not only concerned about the infrastructure of the school, but also the well-being of students as well as teachers.

Meanwhile, the school's principal told us that the kind gesture of these parents had warmed the hearts of everyone at school, adding that the initiative had the full support of parents while the response from students and teachers had been encouraging.

“We hope the students can learn happily in a healthy environment.”

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