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Grab driver made an internet sensation by grateful Malay passenger's FB post

  • Wong never expects a simple thing that comes so spontaneously to him has made him an overnight internet sensation in Bintulu. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

BINTULU, Sept 10 (Sin Chew Daily) -- Heart-warming service of a Chinese Grab driver has touched the heart of a young Malay passenger.

Nur Hikmah Abdul Manaf posted the story of the Grab driver lending her his phone charger and sending her right at the doorstep of her house in view of the bad air quality.

Nur Hikmah would never imagine that the Grab diver picking her up was actually Grab Malaysia's 2018 Best Service Driver, 59-year-old Wong Huang Chin.

Becoming an internet sensation

When contacted by Sin Chew Daily, Wong confided that he never expected such a simple act could become a big thing for the passenger who subsequently posted the story on Facebook and became viral.

He said his friends and relatives had forwarded him screenshots of the FB post while others shared the newspaper coverage with him.

He admitted that becoming an overnight internet sensation had given him additional “pressure”.

Battery running low

Nur Hikmah's phone battery was running low while taking a Grab ride from a local mall.

“I told the Chinese Grab driver my battery was running low and I had to turn off my phone. I asked him whether it was possible for him to locate my house.”

Wong replied, “No problem! Your phone battery is running low? Why don't we stop somewhere and I'll find you a charger. What model are you using?”

“Huawei, Uncle!”

“Then use my charger first. Otherwise your family may not be able to contact you.”

Wong asked again several minutes later, “Do you want me to drop you in front of your house?”

As her house is near a local school SK Kidurong 1, and she had set the school's location on the map, Nur Hikmah said he only needed to drop her at the school.

“I can send you back home. It's very hot now and not good walking under hot sun!”

Phone chargers onboard

Retired in 2015, Wong became a Grab driver in January 2018 at the suggestion of a friend. He said he had to spend some time just to get himself familiar with the app.

Although he is using an iPhone, Wong has prepared chargers for Huawei and other Android phones for the convenience of his passengers.

“Customers whose phone batteries run low will ask me whether I can lend them a charger. So I have bought chargers for different phone models.

“I believe most other Grab drivers will do the same!”

As it is difficult to set the exact location of a house in many housing estates, Wong said customers would normally set the locations of the nearest shop, school or other landmark where he could drop them off.

He believed most Grab drivers would not mind traveling a little further as it would not take up too much of their time.

He said he always received 5-star ratings and positive comments from his passengers, which made him feel motivated.

Wong has carried countless of passengers during the past 21 months as Grab driver, including students, businessmen, foreign workers and tourists in addition to local residents from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds.

He said he would offer a helping hand whenever it is needed, regardless of race or social class.

Due to his exceptional service and attitude, Wong was awarded 2018 Best Service Driver by Grab Malaysia this February.


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