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National agenda for all irrespective of race

  • PH must not compete with Umno-PAS in bumi agenda but should take the advice of Daim to push ahead a national agenda for all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.

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Former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin talked about the country's prevalent political and social environment at a recent forum. He said the country was at risk of falling into the trap of racism and religionism despite a change of the federal government.

For their own interests, Umno and PAS have called for the unity of all the Malays, and have accused the PH government of not taking care of them.

Under such political manipulation, many Malays believe that their racial and religious interests are indeed being threatened.

As Daim has said, if the Malays continue to lack a sense of security, low-income Malays will remain impoverished and this would give rise to economic instability which will eventually affect all Malaysians.

As the largest ethnic group in the country, sure enough what happens to the Malays will also affect the country as a whole.

Daim went on further that the country could only be successful if the Malays are successful, but this would have to be built upon the basis of cooperation among all Malaysians, not with the interest of the Malays as primary consideration.

The sense of insecurity among the Malays to a very large extent stems from current changes to the economic and political benefits acquired under the patronage of the previous BN administration, coupled with the incitement from irresponsible politicians.

Another reason could be the inconsistent government policies as a consequence of unpredictable external economic environment and PH's lack of political management experience.

Daim has reminded the Malays to look back at the country's history and think logically so as not to be misled by racist and irresponsible politicians.

He urged the Malays to see the reality that they are not the losers and that there are indeed many Malays who are successful. Unfortunately many of them are so obsessed with being successful that they find themselves unable to adapt to failures and setbacks.

We must know that many Malaysians, in particular smallholders and companies, are experiencing difficulty because of the absence of economic dynamism and powerful policies. The gloomy economic outlook along with political uncertainties have triggered a sense of insecurity not only among the Malays but all other ethnic communities as well.

We cannot deny that the Malays are dominating this country politically. What Daim has said is not only relevant to the Malays in general but should also serve as a warning to the PH government not to fall into the quagmire of racism and religionism under the pressure from an Umno-PAS tie-up.

PH must not compete with Umno-PAS in bumi agenda but should take the advice of Daim to push ahead a national agenda for all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.

The ruling coalition must make sure every ethnic group in this country can gain a fair access to the country's wealth and prosper together.

The government's most pressing task now is to lift the national economy and fulfill its election pledges.

The national agenda of social harmony and unity can only progress further to fulfill the dream of a New Malaysia after all Malaysians feel a sense of security and prosper together as one nation.


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