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Answering the needs of young Malaysians

  • The future administrators of this country must go much further than this and introduce more holistic and in-depth reforms to help our youngsters tackle their challenges. Photo courtesy: Bernama

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As the 14th general elections are drawing nearer, the BN Youth announced its eight election pledges in hope of winning the hearts of young voters, including wedding aid and the new Amanah Dana Anak Malaysia (ADAM50).

Prior to this, BN had announced a very broad-based manifesto, while the election pledges of BN Youth are aimed at luring the support of young voters.

Based on the 2017 fourth quarter supplementary electoral roll, voters aged between 21 and 39 make up almost 40% of all voters, and this group of people will play a pivotal role in the election outcome.

Young people are the pillars of the country's development, and their qualities and abilities will determine the future of this country. As such, the government must pay due attention to the needs of these people and help them overcome their problems.

The Youth Manifesto shows that indeed BN is concerned about the needs of young Malaysians, which is a good thing. It is hoped that their needs and voices will continue to be heard and valued. This is particularly relevant at a time many young Malaysians are at a loss and confronted by a fair deal of problems that require a little help from the authorities.

It is a good start for the BN Youth to focus on the problems and challenges encountered by young people, and make pledges to help them. That said, the authorities still need to have more comprehensive planning and immersive programs in response to their needs in helping them confront the challenges of a new era.

Monetary assistance will only produce short-term effects and will not resolve the young people's problems once and for all.

BN Youth has promised that if BN were to be returned to power again in the election, it will provide financial assistance to young people holding their first weddings so that they will not get overly indebted as a result of their wedding ceremonies.

While this kind of subsidy will somewhat mitigate the financial burden of young people, it will in no way address the deeper issues that make wedding ceremonies so unaffordable to many of them.

This could be blamed on the sluggish pace of national transformation and a general lack of sophisticated skills among our young people. To address this major issue, we require much deeper reforms across many aspects.

BN Youth has also promised to create three million quality job opportunities through the implementation of East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) and KL-Singapore high speed rail projects to allow young Malaysians to participate in these mega projects.

In the meantime, BN Youth also promises more employment opportunities for rural youths and digital reforms for rural areas. These measures should generate long-term effects and truly benefit young Malaysians.

The authorities should concentrate more on such programs that will help take our young people to greater heights.

The problems faced by our young people today are a whole lot more than what financial subsidies and assistance can solve. They need better job opportunities, education and skill training that will satisfy the needs of our modern times.

In short, the manifesto has shown BN Youth's concern about young people, which is indeed commendable. Nevertheless, the future administrators of this country must go much further than this and introduce more holistic and in-depth reforms to help our youngsters tackle their challenges and explore a whole new world of opportunities.


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