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Fighting a gentleman's war

  • We all must treasure this rare opportunity to become masters of our own destinies, and vote wisely and sensibly.

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The election commission announced on Tuesday that the nomination for the upcoming general elections will be on April 28 (Saturday) while polling will be on May 9 (Wednesday), meaning the campaign period will be eleven days long.

On May 9, the voters will decide with the ballots in their hands who will take charge in Putrajaya for the next five years.

As the polling day falls on a weekday, the eventual voter turnout could be affected. It is therefore hard to exceed the record 84.84% voter turnout in 2013.

Both BN and PH are fully geared up for the big day and an extremely intense fight is therefore inevitable.

As a matter of fact, crossfires have been exchanged even before the election war is officially kicked off.

In the backdrop of intense competition, most importantly all involved individuals must participate in the election with a certain degree of maturity instead of resorting to emotionally sensitive tricks that may spawn unnecessary conflicts, tearing our multicultural society further apart.

Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak recently called on the public to refrain from playing up religious and racial issues in an attempt to fish electoral votes.

In its stead, Malaysians have the responsibility to ensure harmony and stability in the country during the election.

It is hoped that political parties and their candidates will take His Royal Highness' advice seriously.

Election is an important part in a democracy that allows the public to voice their opinions and decide who should be given the mandate to rule the country.

Along the way, all participating parties must compete fairly and try to woo the voters with their own performances and policies with the hope the voters will cast their ballots in their favor.

This is how a matured democracy should work.

In other words, political parties and politicians should not cook up religious, racial and other sensitive issues just to win the hearts of voters, as this will undermine our much cherished interracial harmony.

In a multicultural society like ours, harmony is of paramount importance, and solidarity among Malaysians from different ethnic backgrounds is the cornerstone for the stable development of this country, which we must protect at all costs.

The country still needs to go forward after the election, and we all still need to lead our day-to-day lives on the same land. It is therefore very irresponsible to tear up our society for the sake of electoral votes.

Political parties must adopt a more rational approach to secure the voters' support, and triumph over their opponents with their superior performances and policies.

Meanwhile, voters must remain cautious about candidates raising sensitive racial and religious issues, and outright reject their inferior and despicable tactics.

GE14 is not just about the fates of political parties and their candidates but the prospects of this country and her people over the next five years. As such, all registered voters must treasure this rare opportunity to become masters of their own destinies, and vote wisely and sensibly.


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