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Robert Kuok bashing: another reason 'unveiled'?

  • MCA's attacks on Nazri are just a ploy to show or prove that it dares to stand up against not only Nazri but also Umno in defending the Chinese community.

By Mohsin Abdullah

Chinese language newspapers, as we know, have slammed Umno leaders for their attacks on Malaysian magnate Tan Sri Robert Kuok.

At least six Chinese language newspapers published commentaries refuting allegations, statements and remarks against Kuok.

This newspaper, as well as Kwong Wah Daily, rightly said the attacks showed the recklessness of Umno.

But more importantly, both papers highlighted that the attacks were intended for a Malay audience.

Kwong Wah called it a "classic Umno strategy" i.e. depicting the Chinese wanting to take over the government and sidelining the Malays, thus frightening the Malays to give their votes to Umno which says it's the only party which can defend them and safeguard Malay well-being. Survival even.

I fully agree with the newspaper.But I would call it a typical Umno strategy. Expect more such tactics as GE 14 looms.

Rest assured bangsa and agama issues will be exploited to the fullest.

The Chinese will, as always, be the bogeyman, or as we Malays call it momok.

"You go there the momok will take you away and eat you up. Don't be naughty! Come here with me and you'll be safe."

That's the line. You know what I mean.

To Malaysiakini contributor Stephen Ng, the Kuok saga is just the "latest in long history of distractions" as Malaysian politics, according to him, "has always been a game of distraction".

Every action, says Ng, seems to be geared towards distracting the people from major issues such as the 1MDB scandal and the escalating cost of living taking a toll on the rakyat.


Talking of the Kuok "saga" as Ng puts it, we must talk of Umno minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. There is no need to repeat what he said and what his antics were. Everybody knows all that already.

And we are also well aware of the reactions from Nazri's allies in the BN coalition, i.e. Gerakan, and in particular, MCA.

So there's no need to repeat what have been said by both parties hurled at the Umno minister, even to the extent of MCA boycotting Nazri's Lunar New Year open house in his constituency of Padang Rengas.

But, according to media reports, despite MCA's boycott, Nazri's open house saw a big turnout from the Chinese community.

Here's the thing that I want to share with readers of Sin Chew Daily.

When the MCA began attacking Nazri, a Facebook friend posted his opinion on the matter, rather a theory he or she came up with. The person is obviously not a big fan of the BN.

As he or she sees it, MCA's attacks on Nazri are "just a ploy to show or prove to the Chinese community that MCA dares to stand up against not only Nazri but also Umno in defending the Chinese community".

As we know, MCA has always been accused of kowtowing to Umno.

So, according to the FB post, "MCA wants to convince the Chinese community it is brave and not afraid of Umno", as alleged by the community and its foes, in particular DAP.

The post ended with "Nampak tak game mereka?" (Malay for "can you see their game?")

But, let's be clear. That FB post is just a theory and allegation of the writer.

Enough said!

(Mohsin Abdullah is a veteran journalist who writes about this, that and everything else.)

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