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RPK and Nazri

  • A lawyer by training, Nazri shouldn't have been so ignorant of the reality that RPK's stories were no more than a concoction of wild fantasies and his own agendas.

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Raja Petra Kamarudin, a local blogger known for making shocking political revelations who later went on exile in the UK to dodge his defamation charges.

Through his Malaysia Today website, RPK has made all kinds of revelations and high-profile conspiracy theories that are more of his own fantasies than truths despite seemingly convincing quotes.

If you have a little spare time, do read his blogs and get yourself entertained. But to believe in his story is an absolute no-no unless you are happy to be called a fool.

A few months ago he wrote that Mahathir bribed Lim Kit Siang with a whopping RM1 billion cash prize to become Pakatan Harapan chairman.

To make his story more convincing, he claimed that RM750 million out of the sum had already been disbursed and the balance would be settled as soon as Mukhriz gets to the top.

He also penned many other articles accusing AG Apandi and his wife of involvement in corruption and a plot to topple the government. Apandi and his wife have since lodged police reports and police officers were sent to London to take his statement.

His most disgusting allegation to date has been identifying all Chinese Malaysians with potential subversives eager to overthrow the Malay government by all means.

Up till this point RPK is no more just a blogger trying to win a few more fans but a propagator of false news fanning racial emotions.

As such, his allegation that Robert Kuok has funded an opposition party in a bid to take down the BN government and install a Chinese-dominant administration must be sneered at and condemned in strongest terms by any right-minded individual.

Unfortunately, we have people like Nazri Aziz who took RPK's fiction too seriously that he launched an unbecoming personal attack against tycoon Robert Kuok, with a fair deal of vulgarisms.

Kuok is a respectable entrepreneur of global stature who has through a variety of ways contributed positively towards the well-being of the Malaysian society.

A lawyer by training, Nazri used to be the minister in the PM's Dept in charge of legal affairs, and is now the country's tourism and culture spokesperson. He shouldn't have been so ignorant of the reality that RPK's stories were no more than a concoction of wild fantasies and his personal agendas.

If the minister had the slightest common sense, he would have done some verification work first to check whether Uncle Kuok had indeed funded DAP and whether he had an untold political agenda, before blasting his unabashed comments.

As a senior cabinet minister, Nazri should not have gone this far as to believe an on-the-run desperate blogger being investigated by the Malaysian police, less so attacking a highly respected senior businessman with his mindless choice of words.

Known for his grotesque ways of doing things, Nazri at times befriend opposition leaders but are at other times aggressive and brash. I'm not in a position to speculate here what this guy is actually up to.

I thought the government is going to legislate laws to control the spread of online lies? Instead of tackling little social media fries, perhaps the authorities should go after trouble-making big guns trying to sow the seed of hatred in our multicultural society.

With the general election about to be called soon, I expect more of such lies to be spread in the cyberspace to fan public emotions with the ultimate motive of advancing the evil agendas of some unscrupulous politicians.

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