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Sending children to Chinese schools un-Islamic: principal

  • Letting a non-Muslim barber touch your hair, attending a Chinese school and wishing someone "Happy Birthday" are all "haram".

PETALING JAYA, Oct 17 (MySinchew) -- In addition to Zamihan Mat Zin, another preacher has come into limelight following the release of a viral video on social media in recent days.

A principal of a religious school in Penang issued a controversial statement two years ago to bar Muslims from visiting a non-Muslim barber or attend a non-Muslim school.

He even said "Happy Birthday" was haram.

In the video, the principal said he had not allowed a non-Muslim to touch his head since he was in secondary school. He also said it was un-Islamic for a female Muslim to have her hair washed by a non-Muslim, even another woman, for her hair is aurat.

He said it was also against religious teachings to send Muslim children to non-Muslim schools unless under extenuating circumstances where there were no other options available.

"Some people in Penang think that their children can survive better if they are sent to Chinese schools. This is wrong!" he asserted.

"Even then the children still need to be re-educated when they get back home because they may pick up un-Islamic lifestyles from non-Muslim students."


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